To Your Scattered Bodies Go

Philip Josť Farmer
To Your Scattered Bodies Go Cover

To Your Scattered Bodies Go


Years after reading it in French, I decided to go back to Sir Richard Burton.

I can see now how vivid , almost movie like the novel is, and how I already want to know what happens next, I want to know who is behind all those resurrections, and who the Ethicals are etc etc

What I didn't remember at all is the feeling that the book has been hastily written. It is also strangely paced,with days, weeks, years summed up in a sentence or less. Some of the characters are difficult to care for or about, especially when their main job seems to be dropping more and more information and details about historical figures and facts.

But no matter how poorly or at least unevenly written the book is , To your etc is a wonderful, amazing work of imagination that is fun to read, a pulp novel that asks questions about what life, good and evil, morals and ethics while making you long for the next bloody battle , twist or revelation.