I Will Fear No Evil

Robert A. Heinlein
I Will Fear No Evil Cover

I Will Fear No Evil


I'm not sure how I feel about this book. How can one book be so progressive about sexual identity and so sexist at the same time?!?

When one thinks about it, this is an incredibly forward thinking book. Published in 1970, it accepts the idea of multiple labels for sexual desire, beyond hetero/homo. It also takes the idea of not seeing gender but just loving a person to a new height. And yet, it is probably one of the most sexist books towards women I have ever read.

To Mr. Heinlein sexual freedom for women means sex is all they think about. The only female characters are nurse, secretary, and model, and they spend most of the book naked (because that is the acceptable dress-code for females in the workplace, not the men, they still seem to wear suits) and on their backs. Just writing about it makes my blood pressure rise.

But this same books identifies six different sexual orientations, mind you this was published in 1970. This juxtaposition makes it almost impossible for me to write a justifiable review. Here is what I will say on the topic. I finished this book. I never once considered DNFing it. But, I'm not sure if I would recommend it to anyone.