Dave Hutchinson
Acadie Cover



Duke never wanted to be president, and that's exactly why the Colony has chosen him. Theirs is a settlement that has created some of the smartest minds evolution will allow. Their founder has figured out a way to hack DNA, molding and creating to her heart's content. But she has no interest in leading.

Which is unfortunate because she's the one Earth is after. For generations, the Colony has been on guard, prepared for the day when Earth discovers their whereabouts. And when a small vessel is discovered in their vicinity, Duke is convinced it's no coincidence.

I was certain, at the start, that I wasn't going to make it through Dave Hutchinson's latest. It reminded me of my earliest days trying to read sci fi, when everything went literally over my head and I became convinced there was some super secret primer all the sci fi fans must have read but me.

We're dropped down in the middle of Duke's story. A ship has made its way into the Colony's space and, while many want to blow it off and forget about it, Duke is convinced it means they're about to be discovered.

But why the worry?

As the story progresses, we get to flash back to Duke's own origins. How he came to be part of the Colony and even how the Colony came to be in the first place. And as Duke's backstory is revealed, all becomes suddenly clear!

Thankfully this happens right about the time I was ready to throw in the towel, which was fortunate because I really didn't want to give up on this one.

Acadie is a fun read, even with the rocky start. There's a bit of a playful edge to the whole thing, made clear first by flying cats (no gravity!). And Duke, as an average person of average intelligence, making his way amongst a society of super brains, is a great narrator to get behind.

But that end. Oh, that end! That was the real kicker. That was what made this all worth it and, if I'm honest, completely unforgettable!

p>I won't ruin it for you, don't worry.