A Head Full of Ghosts

Paul Tremblay
A Head Full of Ghosts Cover

A Head Full of Ghosts


Told from the remembered point-of-view of 8 year old Merry, whose sister is either mentally ill, possessed, or faking it. Reality TV and references to classic horror films and plots resound. This short read is recommended :)

Fifteen years after the event, Merry is interviewed by a writer, and this (plus blog posts about the television show) make up the roughly chronological narrative. What happens to her sister puts a strain on the family - mom looking for medical advice, dad turning to the church - and they end up connected with (starring on?) a true crime reenactment & interviews program. This program culminates in an exorcism, and I can't go further without spoiling the end.

This book was recommended by a fellow voracious reader, and she clearly knows her horror. It didn't quite tick up to 5 stars for me, but is definitely a solid 4. That's two exorcism books in the last seven months - perhaps I should go find William Peter Blatty's original to make it a trifecta. I do plan to read more from Paul Tremblay, who incidentally has a Masters degree in Mathematics.