Alastair Reynolds
Revenger Cover

Slithy coves...


I bought this with great expectations, given the author, and was left....


It IS a good book, as one can expect from Alastair Reynolds: set in a far, far future, where humanity scrabbles around like rats in a system they inherited - possibly many times - from impossibly ancient forebears; where "baubles" that are fiendishly difficult to get into (and may or may not have small black holes at their centres) contain treasures; where lightsail ships with ion engines have crewmembers who are literally steampunk characters....

And who speak of "coves", in slang that derives all too unnecessarily from 19th century England. If I could, I would search-replace every single instance of that word, because it would hugely improve my enjoyment of the book.

I'm already on book 2 of the series, and will buy no. 3 as well. Because Reynolds. But I HATE coves!