Frank Herbert
Dune Cover

Dune is a masterpiece, in my opinion


I first read Dune some years ago, probably in my later teens. I really enjoyed it and it left a strong impression on me. There are so many reviews of Dune already out there that I wonder what I can add to the conversation. Only my opinion and what I liked about the story. I'm not going to attempt a critical reading or interpretation of the novel.

Well, the question is does the book hold up after all these years? Quick answer, yes, it does. In my opinion, Dune is a masterpiece. Frank Herbert's years spent researching and writing Dune are worth every last grain of spice from his stunningly-realized desert planet. I cannot stress enough how glorious this story is. But it is easy to sit here and write superlatives about Herbert's novel. Let me tell you why I rate it so highly.

The world-building is excellent. Herbert creates a vivid world without getting lost in overly-detailed descriptions. Arrakis feels like a real place by the end of the book. I could visualize the sand dunes, the rocks, the huge worms, the Fremen and their dwellings.


I will say again, in my opinion Frank Herbert's Dune is a masterpiece of imagination. I recommend both the book and the brilliant audiobook production narrated primarily by Simon Vance. It also includes narration by Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton, and Ilyana Kadushin. I haven't listened to many audiobooks but this is my favourite so far.

My highest recommendation!

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