Last and First Men

Olaf Stapledon
Last and First Men Cover

Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future


What the heck did I just read. It's like a history book on some few odd billions years of "human" history. Every single chapter could be it's own short story for the most part. The initial "first men" are discussed extensively, but then it starts skimming and shooting through time by the millions or hundreds of millions of years. It's mostly believable in how everything evolves, but it's a little bit odd to read. It's like cliff notes for the life of our solar system...and that's maybe my problem. We evolve and become intelligent enough to manipulate and create life from scratch, but we never get out of the solar system? How strange. It shows a bit of lack of imagination and vision to completely ignore that, BUT this book is over 90 years old. For that fact alone it's fairly visionary and well depicting.