Rage of Lions

Curtis Jobling
Rage of Lions Cover

Rage of Lions


Really enjoyed the first book; this one not as much. Very crowded with 2d characters and villains - more action than plot.

The main character has to come to grips with his future, which is the primary plot conflict. This is returned to regularly, but not quite resolved - though a few pages at the end provide some direction.

The other plot here is the action, with major forces attacking other major forces - many introduced in this novel too briefly. It was very difficult to keep track of who was who, and my concern from the first book (so many weres, so few normals) was exacerbated. At one point, a were rides through with "pelts on his saddle" - pelts of what? There seem to be were creatures for every single mammal and many others.

Our main character weaves in and out of the battles. It feels like these are more side adventures than the main plot - very disjointed. Maybe this cinematic approach would work for a film, but it really drags down the novel.

Finally, the cardinal sin of a series book - this is only the middle of the story. For a 432 page book, it really should come to some ending. Overall result: 2 stars, the goodreads rating for "it was okay". Not sure I want to read any further in the series.