Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn
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Gone Girl


I feel like there's not much to add when you read a book that's been read 2.9 million times and rated close to 150,000 times on Goodreads alone. I read this book because it was famous. I had just finished reading "Where the Crawdads Sing" and I had loved that, so a book that seemed very akin to that in at least it's publicity and target audience very much appealed to me.

I listened to it on audiobook and I was very impressed, the two narrators made Amy and Nick much more themselves then if it had only been one narrator. The story was gripping as I thought it would be, I kept asking myself the same question as I listened to this story: what makes it so popular? I think it's because of these things.

1: The character develpoment is some of the best I've ever read, both Amy and Nick change drastically over the course of the book and that's not easy to do in such a thrilling way.
2: The mystery of this book is written very well, you are on the edge of your seat waiting to find out the answers to questions, but the best part is, the book doesn't just feel over when the big one gets answered.
3: Flynn adds all sorts of really good conversations about relatioships, social themes and all sorts of things that just made you sit back and say "wow that's intresting" or "I've never thought about it like that" or "you hit that feeling right on the head."
4: The pacing is on point.

Those are just my views on why this book is so well praised. I did really like it, I'll read "Dark Places" and "Sharp Objects" at some point now.