Interview with the Vampire

Anne Rice
Interview with the Vampire Cover

Interview with the Vampire


I read this a few years ago and had very mixed feelings about the book. At the start I enjoyed it, I found the writing sumptious and elegant, not like anything I had read before. This was my first Anne Rice novel. However after the first fifty pages I really struggled with the book. There are two reasons for this. Firstly the narrative and style are very dense an challenging and there was no chapters in the book so it often felt like I was reading and reading and not getting very far, this does not bother me now that I look back as I was simply unprepared for it.

The second reason is something I realised a long time after finishing the novel. Because I had seen the film many years before I knew what was going to happen. All the mystery and wonder of where a story is going and what will eventually happen were missing for me.

I will not read a book again that I have watched on tv or film.