Beggars In Spain

Nancy Kress
Beggars In Spain Cover

Beggars In Spain


I read the novella version of this last year, and the first novel of the Sleepless trilogy includes and expands on it. Those with a lot of money at their disposal have been able to genetically modify their children in utero, for looks, abilities, and one in particular - taking away the need for sleep.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you never needed to sleep, and you suffered no medical issues due to its lack. The Sleepless can complete schooling quickly, hold down multiple responsibilities, and contribute to society in great and innovative ways.

It doesn't take long for factions to develop between the Sleepers and the Sleepless. This is basically four time periods ending with SuperSleeper children living in an orbital, the Sanctuary set up by many of the Sleepless remaining.

Interesting ideas, strong exploration of the ramifications of those ideas, and it ends with a different group of the Sleepless coming together. It is tempting to pick up #2.