The Oathbound

Mercedes Lackey
The Oathbound Cover

The Oathbound


Um, wow. How did I not read this until now? This book is EXACTLY what I would write if I could write and wanted to write a fantasy novel with a feminist twist.

Maybe I've been reading male-written fantasy for too long, but it was so incredibly refreshing to have two strong, female characters: characters who loved each other, themselves, and fighting injustice. It was like a superhero story in fantasy novel form. Sure, it was a bit unrealistic. And sure, it took itself SUPER seriously. But I finished the thing in one sitting and loved the characters the whole way through.

The story follows Tarma, a warrior woman who has lost her clan, and Kethry, a mage who has run away from an abusive husband and the brother who sold her to him. They've formed a bond of sisterhood, and together, they right wrongs done women. The novel is told in a series of stories of Tarma and Kethry and their adventures.

Note: The novel was fairly graphic and contained very adult material such as rape.