The Stainless Steel Rat

Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat Cover

The Stainless Steel Rat


I think Slippery Jim di Griz is one of the superstars of SF comedy - and Harry Harrison was one of the masters of the art. An art that is not well practiced these days, I may point out, but in the 50s - 60s was already very well established.

People like Harrison, Robert Sheckley, even Fritz Leiber (the Grey Mouser series could be VERY funny) - who is left? Maybe only Terry Pratchett, now that the Restaurant at the End of the Universe is closed - and before I hear "but he doesn't write SF", I point you to "The Dark Side of the Sun".

I think Harrison's SSR series is a wonderful way to ease kids into SF: funny, sharp, well-written, and not too long. And THIS is the best one to do that with. Then "Bill, the Galactic Hero"....