Tad Williams
Shadowmarch Cover



This is the first Tad Williams book I have read and it will not be the last. Shadowmarch is the start of a four book series. At the start of the book are 4 maps all beautifully drawn by the author, there is also a contents page and then we get told the history of the world we are about to enter. From there the story starts on it's many strands introducing lots of characters and places. Early on some main characters are killed which threw me nicely off balance and prepares you for anything to unfold.

This is a very long novel, well over 800 pages. The pace is slow in a lot of places and this will put off a lot of readers. I love the pace and am very much looking forward to reading the other three novels in the series.

A very good fantasy novel with plenty to get your teeth into. Enjoy!(I did.)