To Your Scattered Bodies Go

Philip Josť Farmer
To Your Scattered Bodies Go Cover

To Your Scattered Bodies Go


A unique premise: All the human beings who had ever lived are resurrected on a world made for that purpose. They find themselves all at once, naked and youthful, in this strange place. Their basic needs of food and water are provided for as they begin to form new communities, cultures, civilizations. Stone age war is a common state of affairs.

Some of the characters are historical persons: Hermann Goering the infamous Nazi, Alice Liddell Hargreaves of Alice in Wonderland fame, and Sir Richard Francis Burton, a victorian adventurer and scholar. A small band forms with Burton as its leader. The first oart of the book is an edventure story. Once we get to know the various individuals, it changes. In the second part of the book Burton and Goering go on a whirlwind escapade of suicide and resurrection. Finally Burton meets the people responsible for the bizarre situation and the stage is set for the next book in the trilogy.

The book moves along quickly and never drags - it's a fast read. Not bad, but not great.