The Ophiuchi Hotline

John Varley
The Ophiuchi Hotline Cover

The Ophiuchi Hotline


I personally disliked this book. Everything counts. Style, lack of scientific imaginations, "extravagant" sexual lives of characters etc. So I will not write about it much. What should I say? How Lilo, a main heroin had intercourses with nearly everyone and every creature? Ridiculous.

There lives a higher intellectual race. They say they evolved gradually, from the step where they were primitives in thinking to the higher level when they use no tool like humans, but they are telekinetic race. They say every race will go through those phases eventually.

AND at the same time, they prohibit humans to evolve. They don't consider us thinking beings.

"There are levels of intelligence in the universe. On top are Jovians and Invaders. One step below are the dolphins and whales. Humans, bees, beavers, ants and corals are not considered intelligent."

We fight them but they are very strong. At long last we found a compromise, a way out.