The Stainless Steel Rat

Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat Cover



I always get too personally involved with books. Sometimes that means being full of nervous energy after finishing a suspenseful book, sometimes that means being mysteriously angry at my husband when I'm at the part in the YA romance novel where the boy has done something wrong and it hasn't yet been patche dup. This time it meant that I was thoroughly repulsed by the novel. Slippery Jim is a type of person that scares me. He is narcassistic and obsessive, lacking in empathy, yet perfectly charming when he wants to be. For some people the cocky con-man from a pulpy space novel is exactly what they want to read. For me, the story is hollow and touching that void makes me shiver.

P.S. The narrator for the audiobook, Phil Gigante, was absolutely fantastic.