The Inverted World

Christopher Priest
The Inverted World Cover

The Inverted World


This is a really engaging read which starts with a very vivid introduction to the Inverted World through the practical training of a young man into the operations of the City and its environs.

The credibility of this world is very beleivable and is on par with Hal Clement's Mission of Gravity on several levels.

As you read this book you will regularly wonder where on earth (pardon the pun) this story is going, especially when you notice that the number of remaining pages are starting to dwindle.

Mid way, there is a danger of the story diverting into deep parabolic mathematics when the effect of the Optimum is covered but fortunately it doesnt - so bear with it.

The back cover blurb calls the ending as one of the best twists in science fiction. It is true the story is resolved adequately, but to me it was a disappointing throwaway of such a rich and interesting place. This is why the book warrants four stars rather than five.