Doomsday Book

Connie Willis
Doomsday Book Cover

Doomsday Book


The first Connie Willis book I read was "To Say Nothing Of The Dog." I found it boring. Knowing that I had two more Willis books to read filled me with dread. Reluctantly, I finally got this book from the library. I tried to psych myself up for it. I had just completed "Neuromancer" and didn't like it. Any book after this would be better. And "Doomsday" was about time travel to the middle ages.

It wasn't just a step up; it was fantastic. I read this novel voraciously. It was the first novel I've read while commuting on a bus or light rail, 7-10 pages per ride, where I didn't feel like I lost the momentum of the story. I read it every chance I got. It was that good. This novel made me fall in love with Connie Willis' writing.

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