Kij Johnson
Ponies Cover



A reader would have to be blind, and a first grade drop-out not to realize this story has nothing to do with ponies (or unicorns, or Pegasus, Pegasi, Pegasuses, I could look up the proper term for a herd of flying horses but I refuse to put more effort into this review.) (Hey, I'm lazy, and its late, and I'm only 2 days from vacation, so I'm phoning everything in DON'T JUDGE ME).

Kids are mean, especially young girls.

It is hard to tell from this review but I did like the story. I just don't think an author should have to clobber the reader over the head with any idea, and Kij Johnson sat down at the computer before writing this one and proclaimed

"Its Clobbering Time!"

(just visualize a picture of The Thing here. I did not go look for a GIF, reason: see above)