The Accidental Time Machine

Joe Haldeman
The Accidental Time Machine Cover

An entertaining jaunt


This book follows a graduate student in the sciences who accidentily creates a time machine out of a piece of lab equipment he was working on. Eager to try it out and make a name for himself, he experiments with it and ends up propelling himself into the future, with longer and longer spans of time passing each time he uses the device. Each of his jumps lands him in different types of hot water, from being suspected of murder, to being hunted as a heretic in a hyper-religious, post-collapse United States, to being the object of manipulation of a hyper-advanced AI. The main character is kind of whiny and self-absorbed at times. Overall he's a good person, but I didn't quite get invested in him that much. Still, it's an enteretaining ride. I don't like time travel stories that much outside of the intentional camp of Dr. Who, but this one was pleasing and worth the time.