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Nick Harkaway

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Nick Harkaway

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Full Name: Nick Harkaway
Occupation: Writer, Screenwriter
Nationality: English


Nick Harkaway was born in Cornwall in 1972, which is actually a really amazing thing to happen to anyone, although, alas, it was a relatively lousy year for wine.

Since it's utterly pointless to be coy about it, let's stipulate that he is the fourth son of novelist John le Carré, and move on.

He studied philosophy, sociology, and politics at Clare College, Cambridge, and then worked in the film industry. The thing about the film industry, from Nick's point of view, is that it's a nice place to visit, but living there is like choosing root canal work over a skiing holiday.

In order to support his his meteoric climb to the very lowest ranks of the cinematic world, he also wrote:

He has trained in fencing, aikido, jujitsu, and kickboxing, and is notably bad at all of them. On one occasion he successfully knocked someone down during a sparring session, and (being English) instinctively lent over the help them up. His memories of what followed are confused, but video footage shows him apparently attempting to swallow his opponent's foot, then flying through the air like a ballistic jelly.

One of the saddest things he has ever seen is a mortally injured muppet.

He is mildly obsessed with bizarre trivia, including random geographical facts about Micronesia, the life of Johann Joachim Becher, and Colony Collapse Disorder in bees.

He lives in London with his wife, Clare, who is extremely patient, gorgeous, and runs a human rights charity called Reprieve, and his daughter, Clemency, who is an infant and basically lies around all day pouring milk and carrot purée into her father's best shoes.

The Gone-Away World was his first novel. It was pretty well-received. The pleasing (if odd) thing about it is the variety of people who enjoy it. You should almost certainly buy it and find out why.

That said, the real excitement in Harkaway Towers right now (there is no such place; he lives in a house shaped approximately like a... actually there isn't really word. A topologist visited his house recently and got ill. Not from the food, either) is Angelmaker, which is his second novel, due in 2012. Well, that and having a baby daughter lying around the place pouring carrot purée into Nick's shoes. That can get really exciting, too.

When he is not writing novels or extracting root veg from his footwear, he is a professional loudmouth who talks about digital issues in the booktrade and more broadly. His bluff has recently been called and he's now writing a non-fiction book about that for the John Murray imprint.

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