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Brent Weeks

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Brent Weeks

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Full Name: Brent Weeks
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Brent Weeks was born and raised in Montana. After getting his paper keys from HillsdaleCollege, Brent had brief stints walking the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, tending bar, and corrupting the youth. (Not at the same time.) He started writing on bar napkins, then on lesson plans, then full time. Eventually, someone paid him for it. Brent lives in Oregon with his wife, Kristi. He doesn't own cats or wear a ponytail. Find more about the author at

Works in the WWEnd Database

 The Lightbringer Series

 1. (2010)
 2. (2012)
 3. (2014)
 4. (2016)
 5. (2019)

 The Night Angel Trilogy

 0. (2009)
 1. (2008)
 2. (2008)
 3. (2008)