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Cassandra Rose Clarke

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Cassandra Rose Clarke

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Full Name: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Born: September 21, 1983
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Cassandra Rose Clarke is a speculative fiction writer living amongst the beige stucco and overgrown pecan trees of Houston, Texas. She graduated in 2006 from The University of St. Thomas with a bachelors degree in English, and in 2008 she completed her masters degree in creative writing at The University of Texas at Austin. Both of these degrees have served her surprisingly well.

During the summer of 2010, she attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in Seattle, where she enjoyed sixty-degree summer days. Having been born and raised in Texas, this was something of a big deal. She was also a recipient of the 2010 Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund.

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