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Ernest Callenbach

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Ernest Callenbach

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Full Name: Ernest William Callenbach
Born: April 3, 1929
Williamsport, Pennsylvania USA
Died: April 16, 2012
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Ernest Callenbach was an American author, film critic, editor, and simple living adherent. He became famous due to his internationally successful semi-utopian novel Ecotopia (1975). Callenbach is known as an author of green books, namely as author of the ecological "utopias" Ecotopia (1975) and Ecotopia Emerging (1981), and also The Ecotopian Encyclopedia (1981), Bring Back the Buffalo! (1995), and Ecology: A Pocket Guide (1998). (While his first novel popularized the term "ecotopia," the term was actually coined by the ethnographer E. N. Anderson.)

In terms of concepts of human involvement with the ecology, as well as some of the economic and social concepts, the Ecotopia books are related to what is known as the sustainability movement. Callenbach's Ecotopian concept is not "Luddite" -- he does not reject high technology, but rather his fictional society shows a conscious selectivity about technology.

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