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Edward P. Berglund

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Edward P. Berglund

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Full Name: Edward Paul Berglund
Born: October 28, 1942
Vallejo, California, USA
Occupation: Writer, Editor
Nationality: American


(From an Interview.)

I was born in Vallejo, California, on October 28, 1942. I was raised in Oregon, Washington, California, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I joined the US Marine Corps in 1960. I never was a "grunt," but I have worked as a disbursing clerk, construction draftsman, interrogator-translator, intelligence analyst, and intelligence chief. I retired from the Marines and was placed on the retired list January 1, 1991. I then proceeded to get Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Paralegal Technology and Business Computer Programming from the local community college. I formed my own business as an independent paralegal in November 1992, doing business as Tarheel Paralegal Services.

As an editor of non-professional Mythos material, I edited seven stories for seven issues of Nyctalops (and was co-editor on poetry), four issues of From Beyond the Dark Gateway, The Winds of Zarr by Richard L. Tierney (published by the Silver Scarab Press), one issue of Spoor Anthology, co-edited Dark Messenger Reader, edited 29 stories and poems in eight issues of Eldritch Tales, one story in Fantasy Crossroads, two stories in Etchings and Odysseys, and two stories and a narrative poem in Threshold of Fantasy. I also edited the following, which were never published: Spawn of the Unknown, Grampa Frogmarsh's Weird Tale Anthology (co-editor), The Eldritch Fantaisiste, two issues of Eldritch Phantasy, and Perilous Legacies by Walter C. DeBill, Jr. (under two different publishers!).

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