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Anna Kavan

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Anna Kavan

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Full Name: Anna Kavan
Born: April 10, 1901
Cannes, France
Died: December 5, 1968
London, England
Occupation: Novelist, Painter
Nationality: British


Born Helen Woods, in Cannes, Kavan spent her childhood in Europe, the USA and Great Britain. Her life was haunted by her rich, glamorous mother, beside whom her father remains an indistinct figure. Having begun her career under her married name Helen Ferguson, it was only after she had a nervous breakdown that she became Anna Kavan, the protagonist of her 1930 novel Let Me Alone, with an outwardly different persona and a new literary style. She suffered periodic bouts of mental illness and long-term drug addiction – she had become addicted to heroin in the 1920s and continued to use it throughout her life – and these facets of her life feature prominently in her work. She destroyed almost all of her personal correspondence and most of her diaries, therefore ensuring that she achieved her ambition to remain a mystery. She died of heart failure, soon after the publication of her most celebrated work, the novel Ice.

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