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Simon Haynes

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Simon Haynes

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Full Name: Simon Haynes
Occupation: Author, Programmer
Nationality: Australian


Simon Haynes is an Australian writer of speculative fiction novels and short stories, particularly the Hal Spacejock series. Haynes also uses his experience with computers to write software which he designs for himself and then shares for free through his website. The most well-known of these programs isyWriter, a program designed specifically for composing novels.

Haynes was born in the United Kingdom and raised in the south of Spain. In 1983 he emigrated to Australia with his family. Haynes' first work was published in 2000 with his short story "False Alarm" which was featured in issue 27 of Antipodean SF. In 2001 Haynes' short story "Sleight of Hand" won the 2001 Aurealis Award for best horror short story In 2008 his fourth novel in the Hal Spacejock series, No Free Lunch, was nominated for the Aurealis Award for best science fiction novel and the 2009 Ditmar Award for best novel. Haynes currently lives in Perth with his wife and two children.

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