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Louise Marley

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Louise Marley

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Full Name: Louise Marley
Born: August 15, 1952
Ross, California
Occupation: Writer, Entertainer, Opera Singer
Nationality: American


Louise Marley also writes under the pen names of Toby Bishop and Louisa Morgan

Louise Marley, a former concert and opera singer, writes stories of the fantastic. Sometimes set in the past, sometimes in the future, and often in a curious present, her novels tend to be feminist, often musical, occasionally dark, but always with compelling, colorful, and complex characters. Louise is in demand as a teacher of writing workshops for adults and young adults.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Non Series Works


 The Singers of Nevya

 1. (1995)
 2. (1996)
 3. (1997)
 4. (2005)