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Tommaso Campanella

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Tommaso Campanella

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Full Name: Giovanni Domenico Campanella
Born: Stignano, Calabria, Kingdom of Naples, Spanish Empire
Occupation: Philosopher, Theologian, Astrologer, Poet
Nationality: Italian


Tommaso Campanella OP, 5 September 1568 - 21 May 1639, baptized Giovanni Domenico Campanella, was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, theologian, astrologer, and poet.

Campanella was prosecuted by the Roman Inquisition for heresy in 1594 and was confined to house arrest for two years. Accused of conspiring against the Spanish rulers of Calabria in 1599, he was tortured and sent to prison, where he spent 27 years. He wrote his most significant works during this time, including The City of the Sun, a utopia describing an egalitarian theocratic society where property is held in common.

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