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Yukito Ayatsuji

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Yukito Ayatsuji

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Full Name: Naoyuki Uchida
Born: December 23, 1960
Kyoto, Japan
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: Japanese


Naoyuki Uchida, born December 23, 1960, also known by his pseudonym Yukito Ayatsuji, is a Japanese writer of mystery and horror. He is one of the founders of Honkaku Mystery Writers Club of Japan and one of the representative writers of the new traditionalist movement in Japanese mystery writing. His wife is Fuyumi Ono, a Japanese fantasy and horror writer who is known for her fantasy series The Twelve Kingdoms.

His first novel Jukkakukan no Satsujin (The Decagon Mansion Murders) was ranked as the No. 8 novel on the Top 100 Japanese Mystery Novels of All Time.

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