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Jenn Lyons

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Jenn Lyons

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Full Name: Jenn Lyons
Occupation: writer, illustrator
Nationality: American


Jenn Lyons' childhood was spent in the safe havens of local libraries and bookstores, where even as her artistic talents began to develop she continued to nurture her love of science-fiction, fantasy, and noir detective stories. Being pale, not a friend of sunlight, and not much of a morning person, she set her sights on a career that would allow her to stay indoors or work at night (her favorite career pick was 'cat burglar') but she was devastated when she discovered that she would not, in fact, ever be able to marry Batman. Older but wiser, she turned from the life of a jewel thief to tackle a career as a graphic artist and illustrator, spending the next 20 years working in print media and advertising. The girl with too many hobbies (a list that included video games, table-top RPGs, LARPing, comic books, and costume design.) Jenn was irresistibly drawn to making things up storytelling.

After making a dramatic shift in careers from graphic artist to video game producer, Jenn Lyons began to seriously dedicate herself to writing. Her debut epic fantasy novel, The Ruin of Kings (first in the five-book A Corus of Dragons,) is scheduled for release from Tor Books in Winter, 2019.

Jenn Lyons lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Michael Lyons (who is also a writer -- and may or may not be Batman,) a bunch of cats, and a whole lot of coffee.

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