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Eugene Linden

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Eugene Linden

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Full Name: Eugene Linden
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


Eugene Linden is an American author of several non-fiction books on science, technology, the environment, and humanity's relationship with nature. He was educated at Yale University. He lives in Nyack, New York.

In his autobiography, Linden makes the following statement:

I've spent my entire writing career exploring various aspects of one question: Why is it that after hundreds of thousands of years one relatively small subset of our species has reached a point where its fears, appetites, and spending habits control the destiny of every culture, every major ecosystem, and virtually every creature on earth? What happened that enabled us to seize control in a blink of an eye?

Besides his books, Linden has published articles and essays in Time, Foreign Affairs, The Wall Street Journal et al. He published a cover story on the demoralization of American forces in Vietnam in Saturday Review, December 1971.

Linden a senior writer at Inc. in 1984, and a senior writer at Time in 1987-1995, followed by a contributor in 1995-2001.

Linden serves on several nonprofit boards and advisory committees, and is an independent director of three companies. He has appeared on television, including The Daily Show and Comedy Central, and on radio, including National Public Radio (NPR).

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