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Nathan Burrage

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Nathan Burrage

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Full Name: Nathan Burrage
Born: January 7, 1971
Victoria, Australia
Nationality: Australian


I was born in country Victoria, Australia, in 1971. Like many writers, I devoured books from an early age. In my case, this was due in part to the late arrival of my siblings: I was ten when my brother appeared and fourteen when my sister turned up.

Since my parents had only moved to Melbourne reluctantly, we spent many weekends driving back to the country. This meant that apart from school, I didn't get to interact with other kids much during my formative years. Books became my companions instead, and we travelled far together.

After finishing high school, I completed a Bachelor of Economics & Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Graduating in 1993, I set off around the world and didn't return to Australia until two years later. I settled in Sydney, where I remain to this day with my wife and two daughters.

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