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The Unforsaken Hiero

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The Unforsaken Hiero

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Author: Sterling E. Lanier
Publisher: Del Rey, 1983
Series: Hiero Desteen: Book 2

1. Hiero's Journey
2. The Unforsaken Hiero

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Dark Fantasy
Weird (Fantasy)
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(9 reads / 7 ratings)


North America 5000 Years after the Death. Part two of Hiero's Journey scatters Hiero and his band of compatriots across the face of the continent. Hiero will face capture by the unclean, death by dehydration in the deserts of death, vicious attacks by murderous, mutated animals, and the most devastating terror of all... Hiero's loss of his unparalleled mental powers. He and his allies will be tested to the very limits of their abilities. They are bolstered only by a fierce determination to defeat the Unclean. It is that determination upon which their survival depends, and which must bring victory in their ultimate confrontation with the unclean if the remnants of civilization are to survive.


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The Unforsaken Hiero

- Acknud


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