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Dinosaur Beach

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Dinosaur Beach

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Author: Keith Laumer
Publisher: DAW Books, 1972
Scribner, 1971

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Time Travel
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Appearing from the remote future, Nexx Central agent Ravel is em-placed in America, circa 1936. His mission: to undo successive tampering of the time stream which threaten the survival of Mankind. He falls in love with a lovely, simple girl, Lisa, but in the midst of his happiness is called away to Dinosaur Beach. Dinosaur Beach is a Nexx Central station located millions of years in the past, in the Jurassic Age. But shortly after Ravel's arrival, the station is attacked and destroyed, and Ravel begins a terrifying odyssey through time. For the attackers were another time-tampering team from still a different future era. And Ravel himself is not only in growing danger but the human world as we know it..... Dinosaur beach is the most exciting and ambitious novel yet by the author of The Other Side of Time, Envoy to New Worlds, and the famous "Retief" stories.


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Dinosaur Beach

- dustydigger
Dinosaur Beach

- tbritz13


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