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Molly Zero

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Molly Zero

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Author: Keith Roberts
Publisher: Orion Books, 2013
Penguin Books, 1985
Gollancz, 1980

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Alternate History (SF)
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In an England two hundred years hence all children are brought up in single sex creches: the Blocks. Molly Zero, young and intelligent, resilient and loving, is a product of the Blocks and is destined for the Elite -- the governing body of a country now crippled by martial law.

Molly rebels and escapes, and we follow her through various adventures -- in the apparent mundanity of small town life, joining the eccentric gaiety of the travelling gypsies, and on finally to the "trendy" nihilism of middle-class terrorism. This is the story of her gradual awakening to the realities of responsibility and the price of caring.


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Molly Zero

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