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The Stainless Steel Rat Returns

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The Stainless Steel Rat Returns

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Author: Harry Harrison
Publisher: Tor, 2010
Series: The Stainless Steel Rat: Book 11
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Light/Humorous SF
Space Opera
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After a ten-year absence, the return of one of the most enduring series characters in modern SF

James Bolivar "Slippery Jim" DiGriz, Special Corps agent, master con man, interstellar criminal (retired), is living high on the hog on the planet of Moolaplenty when a long-lost cousin and a shipful of swine arrive to drain his bank account and send him and his lovely wife, Angelina, wandering the stars on the wildest journey since Gulliver's Travels.

In this darkly satiric work, Harry Harrison bring his most famous character out of retirement for a grand tour of the galaxy. The Stainless Steel Rat rides again: a cocktail in his hand, a smile on his lips, and larceny in his heart, in search of adventure, gravitons, and a way to get rid of the pigs.


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The Stainless Steel Rat Returns

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The Stainless Steel Rat Returns - Harry Harri...

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