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Against the Fall of Night

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Against the Fall of Night

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Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Publisher: Gnome Press, 1953
Series: The Fall of Night: Book 1

1. Against the Fall of Night
2. Beyond the Fall of Night
3. Beyond Infinity

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Dying Earth
Space Exploration
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Living in the 10-billion-year-old city of Diaspar, Alvin is the last child born of humanity. He is intensely curious about the outside world. According to the oldest histories kept by the city fathers, however, there is no outside world-it was destroyed by the Invaders millions of years ago.

One day, Alvin finds a rock with an inscription seemingly meant for him: "There is a better way. Give my greetings to the Keeper of the Records. Alaine of Lyndar." This cryptic message takes Alvin on a quest to discover humanity's true past-and its future.

Originally published in the November 1948 issue of Startling Stories, Against the Fall of Night is a rich and intensely poetic vision of a distant future that's sure to delight fans of Clarke and science fiction as a genre.

A revised and expanded version of the novel was published by Clarke in 1956 as The City and the Stars.


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Against the Fall of Night

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