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Arcade Publishing

Arcade Publishing

Founded: Unknown
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Location: 307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10018


In 1988 Dick and I launched Arcade onto the choppy waters of a book climate that many people warned us was perilous. We determined that we would chart a course that we would keep to as best we knew how: to publish quality consistently and to range far afield geographically in search of new authors, new projects, and new ideas. As a result, we have brought to the North American reading public works by 300 authors from 34 different countries.

We felt then--and still feel--that the purpose and justification of Arcade was to have an image and voice all our own. We have published some 500 titles, discovered dozens of new voices, and built a considerable and constantly growing backlist. We have flown in the face of the marketplace, which increasingly favors the tried and true over the new or challenging. If new voices are not allowed to emerge, where will tomorrow's major writers and bestsellers come from? Despite all this, however, our global fiction titles--from countries such as Albania and Somalia--have, thanks to the many major reviews, gained an ever wider readership. At the end of our second decade, we remained as enthusiastic and committed as ever, on a solid base that included a backlist that generated more than 25% of our annual volume.

After my husband's passing in 2009, our prestigious backlist was taken over by Skyhorse Publishing. At Tony Lyons' invitation, I am able to pursue with renewed enthusiasm our original mission at our new Arcade, at Skyhorse Publishing.

Jeanette Seaver

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• Hye-young Pyun  • Ismail Kadare  • Mylene Dressler