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Chris Carlsen

Shadow of the Wolf

Berserker: Book 1

Chris Carlsen

Blood Lust!

When Odin's curse fell upon him, Haralk Swiftaxe, the young Norse warrior, lusty in love and battle, was fully human no longer. He was incensed with the animal rage of the god's devotees, the Berserkers. The snarling ferocious savagery of the bear possessed him. Immune to fire and steel, frenzied by the smell of blood and the sight of torn human flesh, he was driven to the worst of human deeds.... The stench of fear was meat and drink to him, and cowering women learned of his cruel, insatiable lust.

The bear screeched its ecstasy--yet at times the man dimly understood the horror. Could the demon god be killed, the spell lifted...? I fthere was a way, the price of failure would be high, greater than death itself....

The Bull Chief

Berserker: Book 2

Chris Carlsen

Cursed in Blood!


In the Celtic tribal lands of Connacht, he came of age among the Druids and headhunters and the ghosts of the great Bronze Age people of Danann.

He fought his savage, bloodthirsty way to the east, as a naked warrior who had rejected the tribal laws. And there Arthur, Warlord of the Britons, came to find him., to exploit his skill and invulnerability in the war against the Saxons.

Yet Swiftaxe, the Berserker, wanted one thing only; to break the curse that condemned him to his life of frenzied violence and bloodlust!

But until the might of the Saxons was destroyed, he would never be free...

The Horned Warrior

Berserker: Book 3

Chris Carlsen

Brotherhood of Blood!

Once again, the Berserker became flesh...

Among the wild hills and forests of Britain, he was reborn as the Celts' mightiest warrior. Even as a boy, his mad bloodlust spread superstitious terror among friend and enemy alike. He was Swiftaxe, known as the Horned Warrior: half ghost, half man -- and all killer.

In the arena of the Roman conquerors he bathed his axe in the gore and sninews of those who dared fight him. And in his native Britain he let nothing bar his only desire -- freedom from the age-old curse that held him captive, a crazed animal among men.

UNtil finally he sought his brother, at the Place of the Stones, for the ultimate blood-letting. The sacrificial, titanic battle that would call the gods down from their seats of power and liberate the Berserker at last...

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