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Jerry Pournelle

There Will Be War

There Will Be War: Book 1

John F. Carr
Jerry Pournelle

In the beginning spears were "high-tech", and the most that one weapon could accomplish at one time was one death. But millennia passed and techniques improved. By the time of the Romans a lucky bolt might impale a file of infantry. By the dreadful 20th century the very existence of the race - we still were earth-bound, then - was at risk. But somehow, even though the weapons grew ever more terrible, that risk was averted and humanity gained first the planets and then the stars. And still the weapons grew, until the very universe has cause to fear the wrath of Man...

Table of Contents:

  • Preface - essay by Jerry Pournelle
  • Reflex - (1982) - shortstory by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  • Spanish Man's Grave - (1947) - shortstory by James Warner Bellah
  • Marius - (1957) - shortstory by Poul Anderson
  • The Soviet Strategic Threat From Space - (1981) - essay by The Citizens' Advisory Council on National Space Policy
  • Ender's Game - (1977) - novelette by Orson Scott Card
  • A Death in Realtime - (1981) - shortstory by Richard S. McEnroe
  • Overdose - (1975) - shortstory by Spider Robinson
  • Saul's Death - poem by Joe Haldeman
  • The Good News of High Frontier - (1982) - essay by Robert A. Heinlein
  • Project High Frontier - (1982) - essay by Daniel O. Graham
  • City-Killer - poem by Jonathan V. Post
  • Ground Zero - poem by Jonathan V. Post
  • Diasporah - shortstory by W. R. Yates
  • His Truth Goes Marching On - (1975) - novelette by Jerry Pournelle
  • THOR: Orbital Weapon System - (1981) - essay by The Citizens' Advisory Council on National Space Policy
  • The Defenders - (1953) - novelette by Philip K. Dick
  • Unlimited Warfare - (1974) - shortstory by Hayford Peirce
  • The Battle - (1954) - shortstory by Robert Sheckley
  • Mercenaries and Military Virtue - (1979) - essay by Jerry Pournelle
  • Ranks of Bronze - (1975) - shortstory by David Drake
  • I Am Nothing - (1952) - shortstory by Eric Frank Russell
  • Call Him Lord - (1966) - novelette by Gordon R. Dickson
  • Quiet Village - (1970) - novelette by David McDaniel
  • The Strategy of Technology - (1982) - essay by Jerry Pournelle
  • The Widow's Party - (1892) - poem by Rudyard Kipling

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